Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Importance of Health

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The Importance of Health

Our health is an important issue that many people take for granted. I believe staying healthy is hard work because it requires us to eat a well balance diet including exercising regularly. Eating a variety of food promotes good health, because no single food will supply all the nutrients our body needs. In the essay entitled “How I’ll Become an American”, Miklo Vamos explains how many Americans are concerned about their health. He also believes that the media influences our thoughts about issues concerning health that many times we do not even realize that we are hurting ourselves. In addition, many of these issues many have a positive or negative effect on our health depending on the individual believes and we could easily become addicted to these issues because we are influence by other people in our society on a whole.

I agree with Vamos that as Americans we tend to place great emphasis on our health. We tend to watch what we eat as we grow older, because we believe that eating healthy promotes a longer life. For example, in America everyday both the television and the newspaper show commercials regarding health issues. Watching our weight is of concern to many Americans because according to statistics majority of Americans are infact overweight. Many of them are encourage engaging in a special diet, while exercising regularly in an attempt to loosing the weight. However, the media can possess a positive or a negative effect on our health because we it will advise us that too much of a particular food is unhealthy for us, while the other can prevent us from developing certain illnesses. As Americans even though we might become confused about a particular issue, we are easily convince and imitated by what majority of people are doing even though it may not be the right choice. Negative consequences might conflict the issue because after following these specific rules we might still become overweight.

Secondly, I believe that the writer is very objective about many of the issues concerning weight and exercise. For example, he stated that “he will go jogging everyday until he is mugged twice and knocked down three times”. I could relate this statement to real life experiences because I remember reading in the newspaper a couple months ago about a central park jogger who was raped and beaten sometime last year in lower Manhattan New York. Vamos seems to believe that despite many horrible experiences many Americans are still willing to risk their lives because exercising is a part of a regular daily routine of all Americans because if we do not it will affect us as we grow older and it is the key of promoting a longer lasting life.


After reading many of the examples in the essay “How I’ll become an American I came to the conclusion that Americans are often criticize of the way they react in certain situation. For example, even though the news media are not always correct, but the way the topic is portrayed it convinces us that we are doing the right thing. The writer tries to persuade us in changing some of our ways because negative consequences could follow. For example, even though we might have no knowledge about the effects of certain food on our body, we try to follow what other people are doing without complaining because we are all Americans. I just hope that in the future we try to obtain the facts before adjusting to certain situation we are better prepared to deal with the consequences.

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