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Throughout the story of Beowulf, Beowulf must endure many battles against monsters who terrorize different kingdoms. The first monster he fights is Grendel, a monster from hell who is terrorizing the kingdom of his neighboring country, Denmark. Next, he fights Grendel’s mother who is the same type of hell demon who is mad because he kills her son. Finally, he has to slay a dragon that is wreaking havoc throughout his own kingdom. With each of these battles he seems to take something away, not a physical boon, but something more important. With each battle Beowulf fights, he achieves a clearer understanding of himself as a warrior, and his role in the rest of society.

In the beginning of the story, Beowulf is in Geatland and goes to fight Grendel in Denmark when he learns that he has been destroying their kingdom for twelve years. While it might at first seem that Beowulf’s motives for helping Denmark are altruistic, he goes to fulfill the need to prove himself. Beowulf has always been thought of as the least tough warrior and he needs to improve his status. He fights Grendel wanting to prove himself and is successful. After he kills Grendel, there is a great feast for him where he greatly rewarded and praised. He succeeds in his quest for status and feels he has completed his mission. However, after the battle he does recog

Later, Beowulf’s feelings towards his success change to more of a sense of duty and he gains a better understanding of…. One of the many things Beowulf was honored with a special chamber to sleep in set apart from the rest of his men. In the night, Grendel’s mother comes and attacks the kingdom, but at first Beowulf does not come to their aid because he was secluded from the rest of the kingdom. He feels guilty that he let his guard down and also feels like he is partly responsible for this attack because he wasn’t there to stop it. The sense of duty he gains comes from this guilt. Beowulf acts on new understanding of his said responsibilities when he goes to fight Grendel’s mom. This time he is not so arrogant and wants to kill Grendel’s mom because he feels it is his duty. This is exemplified in the epic poem when Beowulf says he must fight Grendel’s mom on his own. While this might seem more arrogant he does this because he does not want to put his men in danger a second time. Another way Beowulf matures while preparing to battle Grendel’s mom is when he talks about the possibility he might die. This shows how he has humbled because he is even considering the possibility that he might not succeed.

After Beowulf goes back to Geatland, there are more examples of change in Beowulf. Beowulf is already humble, but there is another example of him not being so egotistical. King Hygelac dies, and Beowulf is offered the throne by the widowed Hygd, even though her son would be the ruler according to the order of succession. Beowulf declines the offer and chooses to be the guardian of Hygelacs son until he dies in battle. Then Beowulf became king. Fifty years pass while Beowulf is king, and it is not until then when there is a major change. Beowulf is now very old and not as confident anymore. The need to prove himself arises again as he becomes more insecure in his old age. Another opportunity for a battle turns up. A dragon was awakened by a tomb raider and starts terrorizing Beowulfs kingdom

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