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security warnings in mexico

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In Central offices of GM, there was a talk with Víctor H. Aguirre of the company Vance International, that has offered protection at presidential, participated and directed level operative against the organized crime, fungió like Main Instructional Agent in areas of security like Protection to Executives, Evasive Handling and Intramuros Security. It was trained by exagentes on watch Secret and Special Forces of the American Army, etc. Some of tips that mentioned are to 1.Traer the card of circulation in a bag and to keep it in cajuela from the car, . To carry a single credit card and at least 1 thousand pesos (to have to give in case of assault). Remember that by each card 4 thousand pesos can be retired, if at least they bring , are worth 1 thousand pesos, that can be turned 4 thousands if they retain them until the other day. . Not to carry business cards nor photographies of relatives in the portfolio 4, No to carry voter credential, unless it is had glided to make some banking movement or of another nature in where No takes care 5, to show in the street cellular telephone 6, If it sounds the cellular one and we are walking by the street, we must stick to the wall, to observe towards both sides, to answer and to ask the person who flame that marks later. 7. To always dress in modest form 8, Observar hands and eyes any stranger who walks towards us, if it brings the hands in the bags possibly brings a weapon. . In a parking or the street, not to aim with the control that opens the car more than 50 cms of the vehicle, because somebody can be observing to us. 10. In inevitable case to be assaulted while we opened the car to raise the hands, to see downwards (never to see front the saltante) and to listen what it demands to us a) The alternatives in this occasion are not to allow that it raises us the car, negotiating ll�vate the car, my money, portfolio, etc. (8% of the people that is raised the car die when trying to escape) b) Always to be clear in slow movements and, to say to him what is what we are going to do, for example I have my right portfolio in stock-market and I am going to remove it c) to repeat to him always calm, will do what you say d) to me In case that insists on raising them the car, to pretend a faint or an attack of asthma (perhaps them of one or two kicks, but will not try to load them, more surely it is than it rises the car and it goes away) 11. It is necessary to vary routes and not to be predictable. If we go in the car 1. Not to see it. . They arrive generally in diagonal, not of side nor front. . The most common places for jumps are tops, crossings and traffic lights. Thus it is necessary to be seeing by the rear view mirror and lateral the 4, 5, glasses above and insurances down No to bring bags or chamarras at sight, is better than 6, Zones of more frequent assaults come in cajuela socle, zona rosa, col of the valley, col Polanco, col soldier, col cuaut�moc. 7. To take care of themselves of the limpiavidrios and not to allow that they rise to them coffer (they are observing almost always that we bring) 8, as prevention form is necessary to use central tracks, because they generally get to attack the cars that are in borders , to leave a meter of distance of the car of opposite in case it is necessary to hit it so that the assault lowers and frustrates Kidnappings Factors of risk 1. Not to vary , routes Viajar single , Frecuentar uncertain areas 4, to show personal vehicles of high value (jewels, laptops, cellular, etc.) to kidnapping by rescue 1. high executives , planned , assignments neighborhoods of case or office 4, commit of 4 6 people b. Express kidnapping 1, at random selected victim , assignment around an automatic teller , looks for jewels and 4, fast money victim released in a matter of hours 5, generally happens Fridays after the 6 p.m. and in fortnights virtual c. kidnapping 1. when they arrive saying that they represent a company (for example telephones, Television, etc.) TIPS WHEN a TAXI IS APPROACHED 1, Verifique plates (in

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