Saturday, April 7, 2012

Money Can't Do It

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Probably only a couple of events in peoples lives cause them to completely change their views on a matter. So far, the biggest one for me was when my father and mother lost their business. Several months later, I realized something that money doesnt bring true happiness, but that your family, if given the chance, can and will. This thought was like a light blub that clicked on in my head. Two experiences caused it to click on, and I am sure glad it did. That light blub helped me become a real person.

When I was growing up, and all during high school, I was able to get almost anything that I wanted. For example, at Christmas, everyone in my family always received exactly whay they asked for, plus a lot of other stuff. On my birthday and Valentines day my parents usually sent flowers and balloons to me. Finally, whenever I needed money, all I had to do was ask my mom and dad, and they would give it to me. I used to take money for granted and never really thought about it not being there until it wasnt.

Our home was in the most prestigious area to live in. During high school I never had to take the bus because I had my own car to drive after I turned sixteen. My friends and I were by far the coolest guys and girls in the school. I was able to live life to the fullest,or at least I thougth I was, because I had these important things.

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