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Articles of confederation

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Articles of Confederation Vs. Constitution

Articles of Confederation Vs. The Constitution

As everyone knows the Articles of Confederation were very unsuccessful. The

purpose was actually to establish a “firm league of friendship” among states. However

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what it actually did was cause more problems between the states. As response to the

constant bickering, a group of delegates planned to ratify the Articles. In turn, they

actually created the Constitution.

On March 1, 1781, the Articles of Confederation were created. This document’s

purpose was to provide equality among states. The Congress, however, was said to be

powerless to regulate foreign and interstate commerce. There was no executive to

enforce acts of Congress, no national court system, and no power to make states obey


In the Articles of Confederation an amendment can only be passed with the

consent of all of the states. A nine out of thirteen majority is also required to pass laws.

Soon states were organizing their own military forces. The new problems demanded the

need for a new, effective system of government.

Even though the Constitution is said to be a better document than the Articles of

Confederation, there were still problems. First of all, Rhode Island wasn’t even

represented. Only fifty-five of the proposed seventy-four delegates even showed up at

the convention. they also proposed and argued about many different forms of

government. This new Constitution greatly increased powers of the central government.

It also did not include a bill of rights.

However, of the fifty-five men that were present, many of them were very

intelligent and had a lot of public experience and prestige. They were all very

experienced and involved in government in many ways. In fact, George Washington was

the president of the convention and James Madison was the “Father of the Constitution.”

They all agreed that the Senate was to have equal representation and the House would

have representation based on population at the convention. They also made “bundles of

compromises” that accounted to a lot of what government is today. They also

determined voting days, the capital, and their first president.

In conclusion, even though the Articles of Confederation are no longer used

today, they were vital in the creation of the Constitution. The country used it to learn

from their mistakes. They formed a very well-operated government.

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