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persuasive essay

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In the book Jack and Jill by James Patterson the author does an amazing job of grabbing the readers attention and keeping it captive until the very end of a thrilling resolution. His novel is about two murder cases solved by a detective named Alex Cross. Once a psychologist, Alex is regarded as the finest murder detective. In this particular book Alex is working two cases, the Truth School murder case with the Washington police and the Jack and Jill case with the FBI and the secret service. In the Truth School murders a 1-year-old boy, Daniel Boudreaux, commits five homicides. He kills his foster parents, a boy in his class named Sumner Moore, and two other little kids from nearby Sojourner Truth elementary School. Later he takes the principal, Christine Johnson, of the Sojourner Truth school hostage and kills her husband. He demands to talk to Alex and allows him to come inside the house. When he does, Alex tackles him and takes the gun away.

In the Jack and Jill case two killers are murdering famous people including the president. After they are caught, they too are murdered at the jail in the same kinky fashion. Their murderer is an unknown person that is suspected to be the main influence behind the previous murders committed by Jack and Jill.

This novel is wonderful and intriguing for all who enjoy suspense and thrill. The plot moved swiftly while still being easy to follow and read. The story is set mainly in Washington D.C. and a little in New York City. The action began building up right from the start of the book and continued until it came to a thrilling climax when Jack shot the president. Even after that though, the events following were exciting and were working up to the resolution. The resolution itself was exhilarating, when an unknown person/s murdered Brett and Jeanne Sterling right there in their cell in the in the same style as they, Jack and Jill, were murdering earlier.

The language and description in this book was excellent! James Patterson incorporated quotes from other famous literary works such as the Star Spangled Banner, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and many more. The dialect of the characters and certain word pronunciation gave the reader a feel or the characters culture and the depth of their emotion.

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This story was great in griping the reader’s attention and holding it tightly. It also gave some insight in to the lives of African Americans living in the projects of Washington DC. This novel was a modern day classic mystery that all should read.

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