Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eternal Darkness

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Developer Silicon Knights psychological thriller “Eternal Darkness Sanitys Requiem” has been in development for a quite a while. The title, which travels gamers through the depths of time, and challenges them to complete quests using a dozen different characters, began its life as an N64 game. However, it was cancelled and switched over to GameCube as Nintendos next-generation console “matured.” Nintendo and Silicon Knights worked tirelessly on this project for two years more, enhanced it considerably, added new elements, tweaked and fixed controls, blew out graphics, sound and other important game factors. All of this while gamers eagerly, and sometimes impatiently, waited for Eternal Darkness to step out of the shadows.

But the wait is finally over and the good news is that its all been worth it. Eternal Darkness is the truest evidence to proper development time and commitment. The game grabs hold of players and doesnt let go, captivating with its brilliantly crafted storyline, its compelling visuals and scenery, and its character development. These details are only matched by the titles polished controls, combat system and beautifully conceived magic system. Add in the spooky element of surprise through insanity effects, one of the titles more interesting exclusives, and a long and satisfying adventure. The ending result is something very special.

A clone of Resident Evil is definitely not a way to describe this masterpiece. What it is, however, to dedicated players who fully explore its length and intricacies, is one of GameCubes absolute best games, and indeed one of the greatest titles I have ever played in my lifetime. The sanity effects are brilliant and the visuals are excellent. Combined with great sound and a wonderful story shown in some nice cut scenes and wonderfully acted; the entire experience can be chilling. I’d feel wrong to confuse all the goodness of Eternal Darkness with great gameplay, and gameplay is what matters most to me in a game. In that category, the brilliance of Eternal Darkness shines above the rest. Its the first must-have GameCube adventure, an experience no intelligent gamer should miss. What I think makes it difficult to rate is its style. As with all games, it will cater to a specific audience. Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem is definitely not a title for young gamers. However, for the rest of us, Silicon Knights has created it first game for Nintendo GameCube, and, I for one am excited to see what games they develop in the future

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