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Genetic engineering has been the up and coming field of biology. Gregor Mendel developed genetic engineering rapidly since 18. He started working with peas and from this, he developed Laws of Genetics. From this law, genetics started to develop rapidly and in 185, human genome project began. In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) was developed by Gynaecologist Patrick Steptoe and his partner Robert Edwards. It first started in 171. The first success was in 175 when a human embryo was inserted successfully in the body of its mother. Unfortunately, the pregnancy developed in the fallopian tube, which caused an ectopic pregnancy. The first IVF baby was born on 5 July 178 at Oldham General Hospital. Soon after that, R.Stillman started experimenting on human cloning at George Washington Medical centre. On 17, Roslin institute developed transgenic cloned sheep called Dolly. Now, human cloning could easily be done.

Human cloning would lessen the worth of individuals and restrained respect for human life. Human life is worth it because it is limited and unreplaceable. With human cloning, human life could be replaced and therefore, life is worthless. Humans are unique in their own way. No one have the same identity. Even identical twins are different in their own way. They have their own talents and thoughts. Clones, however, are different from identical twins. Clones are made and it would not worth the same as a child. Even though parents could clone a child that is dying, it would not worth the same as their original child. Human lives should not be replaceable and it should be valued more.

Human cloning might be used commercially to gain financial. Human cloning could clone human organs. These human organs could be traded for finance. Then the human body would worth no more than animal’s body. There would be a ‘human farm’ and people would start trading human organs. This would be a fundamental desecration to moral respect and dignity of people, treating the human body as an object to be traded in a marketplace. Babies will no more be an outcome of love but bought from a marketplace.

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