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¡¥To Kill a Mockingbird¡¦

Contextual Research Task1

Part a

Life for African Americans during the 10¡¦s and 10¡¦s was very hard.

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There were crop failures; economical suffering and reconstructing not going

to plan activated a great migration of blacks from the South to Northern cities.

The African Americans arrived in cities already overflowing with millions of

European immigrants. They developed a very urban lifestyle and culture.

There was a lot of racism and an oversupply of labor market kept many

African Americans from getting the better life they deserved. Many African

Americans within this community discussed gaining political, economic and

social equal ness with whites. African American churches offered their

members a lot more than a place to worship. They provided spiritual and

Community support for whatever was going on. The church was where

African Americans could feel safe and wanted.

Although, lynching also took place in these times, lynching was a practice very

scarily too common. It was often together with race relations after the end of

the Civil War and slavery destruction. Lynching is where a mob breaks into a

prison and gets the person they want, throw a rope over a tree and pulls it to

hang the person. These are people who have brought it upon themselves to

Kill someone. The whites used lynching as a form of terror to scare the

African American population. Some Americans wrote in favor about the

Practice of lynching. Lynching had a history much deeper then people

Thought. Here are dates and numbers of how many people got lynched in

Each year

„X 100 ¡V 115

„X 101 ¡V 10

„X 10 ¡V

„X 10 ¡V

„X 104 ¡V 8

„X 105 ¡V 6

„X 106 ¡V 65

„X 107 ¡V 60

„X 108 ¡V 7

„X 10 ¡V 8

„X 110 ¡V 76

„X 111 ¡V 67

„X 11 ¡V 6

„X 11 ¡V 5

„X 114 ¡V 55

„X 115 ¡V 6

„X 116 ¡V 54

„X 117 ¡V 8

„X 118 ¡V 64

„X 11 ¡V 8

„X 10 ¡V 61

„X 11 ¡V 64

„X 1 ¡V 57

„X 1 ¡V

„X 14 ¡V 16

„X 15 ¡V 17

These are just some of the years lynching took place. All together it took

Place from 188 to 160. It was common in places with high black

Population, the area where whites felt more threatened by more numbers of

Blacks then white especially the blacks they did not know.

Also during this time period the 1th amendment took effect on August 18,

10 and women in America also got the right vote. The first Anti Lynching

Bill was blocked in 11 but passed the house in 1 and was defeated in

The Senate on January 6, 1.

The whites were scared that the black people would be smarter then them,

That they would take away their women and children and that they would be

Better businessman. Therefore they felt threatened and had a lot of pressure,

So the only way they could feel better was by bringing in laws against African

Americans or by hurting them.

Part b

Dear diary, Saturday, April 4th , 16

Today was the best! I had so much fun. I love going to work with mum, I¡¦m

so lucky I get to go everyday. She works at Sir James and Madam Jane¡¦s

place, she¡¦s a cook and helps look after the three girls, Miss Laura, she¡¦s

eleven, Miss Sarah, she¡¦s eight and finally Miss Stefanie, she¡¦s my age, six and

my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love playing with Sir James and

Madam¡¦s girls, they make everything so fun! Except, the only thing is they¡¦re

white, this makes it hard for me to play with them because their father, Sir

James doesn¡¦t approve. I don¡¦t know why though, I¡¦ve never really

understood what mama meant when she said ¡§make sure you hide form Sir

James when your playing with the girls won¡¦t you?, he doesn¡¦t like it when his

girls play, it will make him angry and you don¡¦t want that to happen now do

you?¡¨ This makes me sad and means that I have to hide from him whenever

we go and play, I have to pretend I¡¦m helping my mum with her work.

Today we went on an adventure around the yard while Sir was at work. This

was the best adventure ever! We pretended that we were going into town, to

buy the goods we needed, we got to get all dressed up, as if we were going to

church and Sir didn¡¦t care that I traveled with him, his family and my mum,

all colours traveling together. We were all talking and laughing about anything

and everything that popped into our heads. The trip didn¡¦t take too long,

because as they say, time fly¡¦s when your having fun. We reached town and

jumped off the carriage we skipped along the road and got to the shop, it was

full of people, but not just white, everyone knew each other and said good day

as they walked past. We got everything we needed and begged Sir to let us

have an ice cream from the shop, I had never gotten ice cream before because

ice creams were soooo expensive and black children weren¡¦t allowed to have

them, we begged him as much as we could and he eventually gave in, I

decided to try chocolate because that¡¦s what Miss Stefanie had, it was her

favourite and I liked everything she did, so I gave it a try. It tasted like nothing

I had ever had before, so rich, but not too rich it was still edible and tasted

absolutely positively yummy! I wish I could have them more often but I can¡¦t.

Suddenly, before we knew it Madam Jane was calling me saying ¡§Cal, Cal

come quick, he¡¦s coming; he¡¦s coming, go inside and help your mama!¡¨ So

this stopped all our fun and meant that I had to go and work with mama,

which wasn¡¦t so bad I suppose because I got to tell her about all my

adventures of the day, she was so excited and loved it when I was happy and

played with all the girls, she said It was a good bonding experience for me and

that we were the future generation or something, I don¡¦t really know what

she¡¦s talking about, but anything mama says she says it for a reason. So I gave

her a big hug. I¡¦m gonna go to bed now, goodnight, speak to you tomorrow.

Love Cal xox

P.S I hope I have another good day tomorrow!

Dear Diary, Sunday, April 5th, 16

Today was alright, we didn¡¦t do much. It was Sunday so mama and I went to

our church, the nigger church as they said. It was a massive congregation of

people, black people only as the whites did not think that attending church

with us was healthy. They were too good for us apparently, I don¡¦t know why,

because they don¡¦t even know us, and I¡¦m sure that if we got to go to school

like the white children we would be just as smart if not smarter, but no, this

isn¡¦t what they wanted. That was alright because the children at church were

so nice, they were just like me, mama said, I was better off then a lot of them

because madam let me play with her children, this was a happy thought except

I felt sorry for the other children some were not very well off, they lived in a

shelter that was falling apart and their Masters didn¡¦t treat them very well,

made them do all the dirty work, and blamed them for absolutely everything.

One of my friends, maisy, she¡¦s only five, was telling me that her master was

extremely evil, once she ran inside because she got cut by a thorn bush in the

garden and was bleeding and accidentally came in with her shoes on and Sir

Jem, got really mad at her and banished her to her room for whole days!

She didn¡¦t get fed very much, less then usual, her mama tried o sneak food to

her, she said she cried all night long. I felt so sorry for her and didn¡¦t know

what to do. Church was really good we got to sing our hymns and listen to the

reverend. This was so relaxing and peaceful, I loved church, and so did

mama, because this is where she got to pray for papa. She closed her eyes as

if she was having memories of when he was around, it was so nice to see her

happy. Well I¡¦m off mama says I need my rest, I¡¦ve had two very big days in a

row and tomorrow we have a lot of work to do. Goodnight.

Love Cal xox

Dear Diary, Monday, April 6th , 16

Well today wasn¡¦t as much fun as the last two days, because sir stayed home

from work, he said he had to do something at home, I don¡¦t know what. This

meant it was extra hard to get to all the girls and play. I felt as if he had his

eyes on me all the time, I was scared of him, he made me feel so

uncomfortable and made me cry when he yelled or got angry, which was a lot

of the time. The post came; I went out to get it, which was just one of my

duties. There was a letter in there addressed to mama, I took all the post to

Sir James he looked through it and called my mother into his study, that¡¦s

where he did his work while at home. They talked for a while; mama opened

the letter there that¡¦s what she had to do. Then she came out, her eyes were

all red and she looked like she had been crying I ran to her and asked what

was wrong. She took me to our room and told me that¡¦s something terrible

had happened to Maisy and her family, something cruel that happened to a

lot of black people, she had died. Mama said something about lynching?

That it was cruel and should never be allowed to happen, as usual I didn¡¦t

know what lynching was, but I didn¡¦t ask mama was to upset so I figured it

would have been something bad. So I left it at that. Mama needs me so I

have to go I¡¦ll write back a bit later maybe tomorrow not sure what I have to

do for the rest of the day now. Goodbye.

Love Cal xox

Dear Diary, Monday, April 6th , 16

Sorry I had to go so quickly before. Maisy¡¦s dead! It has only just hit me; I

have been crying for a few hours non stop, mama said I was in shock before.

I don¡¦t know but all I know now is that one of my best friends in the whole

world was dead! What was I supposed to do when I went to church or if I

wanted to play with someone and Sir was home. I would have no one, sure

there were the other black kids but it was different, none of them understood

me like Maisy did, we had a special connection that could never be broken

until now. The girls tried to come to see me because I was upset, Madam said

they could except most of the times they got close Sir James would stop and

yell at them, saying to get away from her, she¡¦s black don¡¦t you understand

you are not to go near her, she¡¦s different to you. Go back and play in the

yard or help your mother! I¡¦ve never heard someone say the same thing so

many times in one day like Sir did, he was very stubborn. Every now and then

Madam Jane would try and speak to him but he knocked some sense into her,

well that¡¦s how he felt anyway. Well I don¡¦t really feel like talking much

today, sorry! I¡¦ll speak to you later not sure when, maybe when I feel a bit

more up to it. Goodnight.

Love Cal xox

Dear Diary, Thursday, April th , 16

I am sorry I haven¡¦t spoken to you in a while, haven¡¦t really felt up to it, been

a bit sad from Maisy¡¦s death and all. I am finally starting to feel a bit better

now. I am playing with the girls during the day to get my mind off things, it

helps when we go on our adventures I feel like I am in a whole new world

where nothing can hurt me, I am so safe and everyone is equal. I love being

black, but it is so unfair, why can¡¦t people just treat us the same, we are only

human beings. When I am older I am going to try and make a difference in

this world, I will have all my friends to back me up. Then maybe blacks could

go to school? Have an education and maybe even one day a special someone

could help rule the country? You never know, after all I am the future

generation. I asked Madam Jane to explain a few things to me so that I can

understand what everyone else does about what is going on. She even

promised that she would teach me all she knew, without Sir finding out, that

she would try her best to give me a good life, her and mama together, this

makes me happy I just hope that someday there will be more people like

Madam, mama, Laura, Sarah and Stefanie. Goodbye for now. Speak really

soon. Sweet dreams.

Love always Cal xox

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