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Where to go

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Every hours one Australian citizen dies due to organ failure (Red Cross, 001). However, this concerning statistic could be somewhat alleviated with an addition to the criteria of organ distribution. Specifically, individuals with damaged organs due to their participation in illegal activities in the past should not be given the alternative of organ transplantation. Illegal activities refered to in this propsal are those behaviors diminishing health to a point requiring an organ, which are also illegal. Primarily, organ donation rates will rise as approval grows and, legally, distribution practices will align with ethical codes. Further, the prcedure stands up to signifficant points of criticism, stabilising its credability. Decisions on organ distribution are crucial to the profession of nursing, principally because nurses care for those who miss out. Further, gaining overall public opinion is a fundamental objective. Which, for the purpose of this proposal refers to the standard conception of all areas of the public on the issue of organ transplantation. As a result of the proposal, community support will rise. Subsequently, donation levels will follow, essentially saving more lives.

Organ donation rates will increase if the law becomes consistent with public opinion; only individuals lacking control over their deteriorating health ought to benefit from transplantation. Public backing of organ transplantation is vital in the form of donations. While approval of the procedure in Australia is at 0%, importantly, individuals are ten times more likely to require an organ than to donate one. (Red Cross, 00). This discrepancy may be caused by the gap between the legal ethical criteria and the ethical priorities of potential donors. A potential donor being any member of the public with the capacity, both medical and psychological, to donate one or more organ(s).


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