Tuesday, December 13, 2011

his 316

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The bottom line is that the blaxploitation movies of the 170’ s showed a slanted view of how African Americans lived in the inner city; blaxploitation is a negative stereotype of African Americans. These movies were marketed at the African American genre with characters represented as pimps, prostitutes, murderers, gangsters, drug addicts and pushers preying on the inner city community. These movies used sex, violence and money as their main themes. But how did movies such as Shaft gross over 10 million in the first year? This is all Hollywood was able to offer the black actor…you want to work in this industry-you play a pimp or a sexy kung-fu chic. After speaking with those who witnessed this first hand….. We came to an interesting point The money to support these movies came mostly out of black pockets, these movies were show in the inner city and in many cases never came to the local suburban theatre. During the 70’s my mother lived in a small town in central New York and the theatres simply did not have these movies available for her to see. Whereas in contrast to Nikita’s mother who went to the theatre to see movies such as shaft and superfly…these theatres were packed…..this is all Hollywood was willing to put out at the time….that was all there was in the black film industry….and that’s all they saw…The exploitation of the African American community was the 170’s version of a minstrel show, the same negative stereotypes were provided and again if you wanted to work in Hollywood that’s the only role you’re gonna get. At this time it is difficult to see any true representations of real, everyday, African American life…. While actors like Bill Cosby were seen as token blacks they still did not give the black community what they needed….a true and honest depiction of real life. When little boys and girls go to the movies and all they have as a hero is a pimp or a womanizer where does this leave a community.

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