Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Birdcage

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In Susan Glaspells play, Trifles,the birdcage and the bird are significant because they are the only evidence of a motive for Mrs. Wright killing Mr. Wright. The bird in a cage represents the last piece of Minnie Fosters soul trapped inside the life of Mrs. Wright. When Mr. Wright wrung the birds neck, he killed the only joy Mrs. Wright had in her lonely life. Mr. Wright also killed Minnie Fosters spirit.

Mrs. Hale knew Mrs. Wright when she was still MInnie Foster and even said, No, Mr. Wright wouldnt like the bird - a thing that sang. She used to sing. He killed that, too. Mrs. Hales response to the birdcage and the bird is strong because she sees them not only as evidence of a motive for the murder of Mr. Wright, but as evidence of Mr. Wright being a hard man. Mrs. Hale points out how awfuk still it would be to have years and years of nothing, then a bird to sing to you, then to have the birds song taken away. This comment prompts Mrs. Peters to remember what stillness is. Even though she understands what Mrs. Hale is saying about the awful stillness, she still comments, The law has got to punish crime. She remembers when she was a little girl and a boy killed her kitten and how badly she wanted to hurt him, and understands what a strong motive the wringing of the birds neck is. She also believes that the men might not see the significance in the dead bird, saying as if that could have anything to do with - with - wouldnt they laugh!

My response to the birdcage and the dead bird are strong because I feel that they are strong evidence of motive for the motive for the murder of Mr. Wright, because he was such a tyrant. He had already broken Minnie Fosters spirit, but that wasnt enough for him. He had to take away anything that might make Mrs. Wright happy. He only wanted her to be his servant, and all of her attention had to be focused on him. The birds singing would have diverted her attention from him, so he wrung - its - neck.

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