Monday, October 17, 2011

Summary of Dinosaur exhibit in Museum

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The hall of Dinosaurs is divided into two different halls. The first hall in which I will explain is named The Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs. This hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs examines the branches of dinosaurs that possess the trait of a grasping hand, with fingers that differ in size and shape. Many different Dinosaur skeletons inhabit this hall, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Aptosaurus (previously known as Brontosaurus).

The Ornithomimid exhibit displays the skeletons of seemingly fast dinosaurs, which appear to be the forefathers of birds. The Diatryma and the Psilopturus are one example of this process of evolution.

Upon exiting this hall there is a massive family tree which shows the evolution of many different dinosaurs, and their present day relatives.

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The next part of the dinosaur hall is the Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs. This hall examines the branches of dinosaurs that own a backward pointing pubis bone. This hall also contains the massive “family tree”, which displays the dinosaurs, and their current living brethren. This hall also contains the massive skeleton of a Stegosaurus.

This hall also features the Hypsiophodon and the Saurolophus. These two dinosaurs are very similiar to the Stegosaurus, and may very well be its evolved descendants. This hall explains why scientists believe that dinosaurs used nests, and why dinosaurs hatched from eggs. One of the displays explains that birds are an evolved form of dinosaurs, and birds hatch from eggs, so more than likely, dinosaurs did the same. Some of the dinsaurs which scientists are certain use hatched from eggs are the Proceratops, and Andrewsi. The skeleton of a Triceratops is also inside of this hall.

These two halls create a very realistic sketch of how dinosaurs lived during their time, and the halls also give very wide opinions as to how the Dinosaurs became extinct. One theory which in my opinion, makes the most sense, is the theory that dinosaurs never became extinct. Dinosaurs just adapted as the world changed, leaving their more common smaller evolutions here with us today.

This theory of evolution is easily shown through the dinosaur known as the Diatryma, and today’s common Pigeon. While these two may not be directly related, many things about them are the same such as bone structure, beak structure, and the simple fact that these two animals own a set of wings must mean that they share some common trait.

The halls of Saurischian and Ornithischian are highly enjoyable, and educational. They explain how the dinosaurs lived, how they evolved, theories on how they became extinct, and they also explain how paleontologists come across the bones and fossils of the dinosaurs.

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