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With a Hollywood Star, a star studded cast, a lot of money to spend and all the latest CG at his finger tips it would have been hard for the Director to make a terrible movie. Amazingly (ha ha) Ridley Scott made a film that was thrilling and a great interpretation of Rome and it’s contents back in the Roman era.

Having proven his valiant commitment to Rome, the great General Maximus (Russell Crowe) earns the respect of his army and of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris). Weakened by a lifetime of war, yet conscientious of the brave and noble nature of his General, the dying Caesar decides to appoint Maximus as his successor and bewilders his ambitious son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix). Before Maximus is officially announced as the successor, Commodus kills his father, silences his observant sister Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and rises to power. He then condemns Maximus and his vulnerable family. Escaping death barely, Maximus is found and sold into slavery and is trained as a Gladiator by Proximo (Oliver Reed), who knows how to give the audience a thirst for violence, and who teaches Maximus the importance of winning a crowd. Driven by vengeance, Maximus sets out to avenge Commodus’s way of cruelty and corruption. Guided by his unchangeable principles and sense of justice, Maximus is transformed from a slave to a hero.

One scene I enjoyed would have to be at the very start. The Roman army are lined up to go into battle at one side of a cut down woodland area and a less professional Hungarian army come charging out opposing side. Showing calmness and experience, Maximus orders his army to fire bows at the Hungarians and then to send the troops in. He goes in as well on Horseback and makes fighting look easy as he is slaughtering the inexperienced soldiers of the opposing army. The battle is one easily by the Romans. One reason I enjoyed this would have to be the CG as they are done to the highest quality and are very precise and believable to the naked eye.

One part of the movie that I didn’t enjoy would have to be when Maximus was sent to be killed and his wife and son were killed.

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Gladiator, however, owes most of its success to its clever exploration of the spectatorship. By providing violent images of the Gladiator games, the film shows the Roman crowds thirst for violence while at the same time confronts the films spectators with their appeal for screen violence. Thus, Gladiator manages to attract the viewer into reacting as the Roman crowd does, ultimately rejecting the villains and sympathizing with the in hero, as the Roman crowd does. All in all Gladiators has set the benchmark for movies to reach.

I give Gladiator a Five star Rating for it’s sheer quality.

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