Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get Lucky...I Don't Think So

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Webster’s New World Dictionary defines luck as “the seemingly chance happening of events which affect one.” Ahead, is a conversation between three adults. The scene takes place at a restaurant over dinner and drinks.

John You know, those little scratch off lottery tickets? I won $00 on one yesterday. It was the luckiest day of my life!

Kim Are you serious? I never win on those things! What else happened?

John On the way to a meeting to discuss the promotion I’m up for, I got pulled over for doing 5 in a 5. It turned out though, that the cop is the father of my nephew’s buddy, so he let me off with a warning. So I get to my meeting, and they offer me the promotion on the spot!

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Judy Uh, Johnny, that’s bullshit. I mean I’m happy to hear about the promotion and getting out of the ticket but we are adults now, you can stop talking about luck ok? Grow up.

Kim Wow, Judy calm down. What are you talking about?

Judy I’m just so sick of people talking about “luck” and “fate” with this dreamy look in their eyes, as if any of it exists at all.

John (In a sarcastic tone) Hey cranky, I think that both sides of your bed are wrong, so do me a favor and don’t get up tomorrow (John laughs at his own joke, amused at his self-proclaimed wit).

Kim Judy, where did all this hostility come from? Why are you being so negative?

Judy Honestly, I don’t believe in luck at all. Good things happen to people who work hard. That’s the bottom line.

John I agree with you. Good things do happen to people who work hard. But�

Judy (Let’s out an annoyed sigh) Yeah, there had to be a but.

John But, you are reading to deep into the concept. Luck most definitely exists. I just think that it is a much simpler notion than you are making it out to be. Don’t get me wrong; my life isn’t based on getting lucky everyday�although if I got lucky every night, I would NOT be complaining (again, the ladies were not impressed with John’s wit).

Judy laughs, a demeaning laugh at John’s thoughts on luck, as if saying, “You are ridiculous.”

Kim Do you two mind if I make an honest observation? (She doesn’t wait for an answer) I think that both of your upbringings strongly reflect how you look at life, let alone luck.

John scrunches his face together, signaling that he is deeply thinking and somewhat confused, while Judy rolls her eyes but continues to listen.

Kim John you have lived your whole life in middle class suburbia. You haven’t suffered any real trauma in your life that I’m aware of. (John shakes his head “no”) So I would think that naturally, you have a more optimistic outlook in general. Now Kim, you on the other hand have not had such an easy life. With your parents divorce, and the death of your sister all happening before your sixteenth birthday, clearly you’ve experienced more than most of us experience at that age. I’m not saying that either of your opinions are wrong, but I just want the both of you to see where the other is coming from and to try to understand their side.

John I never really thought about it that way before.

Judy You just made a really good point. I am so�

Waitress Hey, how are we doing tonight? Can I get you some drinks- (The waitress looks at the floor and a grin spreads across her face, she bends down and picks something up) “Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!” Oh cool, now I’ll have good luck for the rest of the day!”

John(In a very serious tone) Guess again sweetheart, that’s your tip!

John, Judy and Kim all burst out in hysterical laughter, as the waitress looks at her penny, truly confused.

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