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American Struggle

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There are so many problems in each individual society; however, they are more dominant in the western world. These problems continue to increase every decade, which brings the public’s attention to it. An important, and serious issues that has been in the past, are now current American political, social and economic scenes today. Such issues are like child abuse, abortion, gun control, and drugs and much more are mostly social problems affecting the middle and poor classes.

One of today’s principle focuses is of child welfare agencies. Child abuse is being disowned of love, tenderness, and compassion that are necessary qualities human beings require when they are born on this earth. The irony these days is putting more attention and focus on this problem but people achieved less to solve it. Furthermore, this topic has affected the legal justice system, blocking the rights of families and individuals. The public reaction to such horrors of child abuse, the public welfare changed from a system serving a wide range of disadvantaged children into a designed welfare mainly to protect children from beating. The challenge for child welfare in the next years must be to “deploy” its resources, morals economically and politically to encourage the welfare of all children.

Another issue that brings public attention is abortion. Many see that there is that “no right is more basic than the right to live.” Sometimes though exceptions are considered. For instance, rape is the hardest denials of liberty, and forcing a woman to bear a rapist’s child is an assault on her humanity. Just as abortion may seem

Unattempted, so does her pregnancy. “Whatever compromises we might achieve in our struggle with abortion, it should be clear by now that the debate itself…if we allow ourselves to listen closely to its arguments...many shed valuable light on many of the things we believe, and why.” Women played an important and historical role by the movement that risen and came forth within an established political system to legalize abortion. The movement was an expanded social sector. A logical description of the American political scene seems obvious that the issue of legalized abortion can be viewed as an important factor of the Cultural War, where one side is pro-abortion and the others who are rather more traditional are anti-abortion. It’s becoming a political conflict.

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Further, gun control has been a recent dispute this decade. Gun-control implies restriction, those on opposite sides of the issue say that some individuals wish to see laws passed to make it more difficult to obtain guns; whereas, the other side may wish laws be passed to make it easier to obtain guns. Guns today have become a part of life to some, regardless whether it is for hunting or target shooting or killing or other means. People who oppose gun laws are often looked upon by the public eyes, as groups willing to endanger the public to enjoy their own desires, but the public in this sense are stereotypical. The problem is not the guns but the people who are reckless. If more guns were to be put in the hands of responsible adults, society would be a much safer environment for the people. It is expected that the gun-control debate will get the public

opinion every time an act of violence has occurred. If new laws are passed, they will be challenged in courts.

Lastly drug use, which has spread not only in the western states, but it’s more of a global issue that most societies suffer from. Three branches of government have postponed the constitutional and nonconstitutional limits on exercising of governmental power in the field of drug enforcement. This is bad enough if the ‘war on drug’ had worked effectively to control the supply of illegal drugs. Many critics of the U.S. drug policy think that the ‘wars of drug’ is being lost. The reason is because of the number of Americans who are addicted are in the millions and still increasing. “The Federal funding for drug treatment is less than half of what is spent on law enforcement.” Most Americans see that reducing drug abuse should still remain a national priority for its seriousness. The struggle to reexamine drug abuse as a health problem led to efforts to challenge the criteria of success to rate drug control policies.

In conclusion, most of these social problems mentioned have become a “normative feature of American life.” It happens so often, it does not shock the public because they are familiar with such issues. The tone of each book reviewed was very contradictory; therefore, are many opposing views. There is no right or wrong, but it depends on how the public may justify an issue or scene in a society. Knowingly, with the current problems the American society faces it may go against the long-standing hopes and aspirations that make up the American dream. However, in every nation there

is a dream, and in every nation there are complications. The trick is to make as many dreams possible come true; the key is persistence.

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